October Artist Gallery Reception – Trussville Photographers Club

The Trussville Photographers Club is the new name for the Trussville Photography Club, which began in the summer of 2016. Our first club president, Mike Gardner, wanted to have a local club of photographers who could meet together, learn from and encourage each other and grow in their craft. He gathered together a handful of like-minded photographers and they held their first meeting in July of that year.

Over the years, our club met monthly, providing training on various photography topics, using both members and outside photographers. We planned monthly field trips to places like Noccalula Falls, Sloss Furnaces, and Huntsville Botanical Gardens to practice our photography together while having fun socializing. During that time, the club grew to over 150 actual members and over 2200 Facebook followers.

With the Covid-19 restrictions, we were unable to meet in person for some time and lost some of our members. But our leadership team pressed on, stayed connected with as many as possible, and eventually decided we needed to reorganize as the Trussville Photographers Club. We’ve resumed our monthly meetings and field trips and are growing once again!

Our club has exhibited in various venues, including the Gadsden Museum of Art, Comer Museum and Arts Center, and the Trussville Public Library. We are honored to once again show some of our work at the Leeds Arts Center! Our club motto, “Because every picture tells a story,” remains the same, so as you view our artwork, we invite you to reflect on how each piece speaks to you– and enter into our stories.