Maura Davies and Kevin Wheeler Exhibit

Maura Davies and Kevin Wheeler are the Leeds Arts Council’s featured artists in May.  The public is invited to the opening reception on Sunday, May 5, 2019, 5:00-7:00 pm to view their beautiful photography.  Admission is free.

Maura Davies is a Leeds resident, originally from Huntsville, Alabama.  She has enjoyed photography as a hobby for many years, beginning as a teen and taking photography courses in college.  Her photography often highlights her other interests, such as plants and gardening, nature, and history.  Documenting her children’s activities has led to opportunity for photographing for others.  Maura has enjoyed taking photos for the band programs at Leeds High School and Leeds Middle School, and for Leeds High School Soccer. 

Upon moving to Leeds about 10 years ago, Maura began to explore local history, eventually joining the Leeds Historical Society.  Photographing old places has sparked curiosity about the stories and people behind these places.  As a member of the Trussville Photography Club, she has exhibited at Leeds Arts Council, St. Vincent’s East, and the Genesis Gallery of the Cahaba Springs Church. Her photographs are also displayed at the Trussville Public Library and have appeared in print in the Leeds Tribune.

Originally from Connecticut, Kevin Wheeler is an avid photographer living in Odenville, AL.  He retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1995 after serving over 21 years and from pastoral ministry in 2016, when he and his wife, Roxanne, moved to Alabama.  In his youth, Kevin’s passion was drawing and oil painting, copying the masters and doing nature and landscape scenes.  In recent years, he’s taken up photography as an art form, still passionate about nature and landscapes.  His website entitled Glimpses of Glory to indicate his desire to capture and share glimpses of God’s glory as revealed in nature.  

Kevin has photographed such glimpses of glory in various locations around the world, including England, Ireland, Guatemala, Tanzania, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Louisiana, New England, New York, Tennessee, the Smokies, and more.  Some of his work, including two murals, is permanently displayed at The Chateaus at Montclaire, an assisted living facility in Shreveport, LA, and in the Trussville Public Library, as well as in the homes of family and friends.  As a member of the Trussville Photography Club, he has displayed at the Trussville Public Library, the Leeds Arts Center, the gallery at St Vincent’s East Hospital, and the Genesis Gallery of Cahaba Springs Church in Trussville. 

Their photography will be on exhibit through June 1, 2019.  The Arts Center is located at 8140 Parkway Drive, in downtown Leeds.  The gallery is open during events.  In case of inclement weather, call the center at 205-699-1892 to confirm opening hours.