THIS WEEKEND!! Saturday August 26th – NOYOKO plays the music of the Beatles

Saturday August 26th – 7 pm – tickets $20

NOYOKO are five Beatlemaniacs who grew up, on and around the music of The Beatles. Not a tribute band, NOYOKO honors the music of The Beatles by recreating their music live on stage as meticulously as possible. Consisting of five musicians who’ve spent countless hours in live performance and studio session work, NOYOKO strives to perform The Beatles music as close to the original sound, playing all the hits but specializing in the deep cuts and b sides you’ve probably never heard performed live. Members are Doug Lee, formerly of Dogwood, Hotfoot, Roadside and many others as well as a current member of The Paybacks. Tony Wachter, a thirty year veteran of the recording studio as engineer, producer and vocalist on countless recordings. Chris Byars, studio session drummer, educator and in demand live drummer. Mark Aaron Smith, from the groups Dogwood, Hotfoot, Hotel and many others. Greg Gentry, current Payback, Wringer and many other local ensembles. NOYOKO has the experience, the chops and the Chutzpah to pull off such an ambitious project as performing the timeless, classic music of The Beatles, selling out shows across the South East.