July & August Featured Gallery Artist Reception: Lee Raybon

SUNDAY JULY 9 1:30 – 3:30 pm — Leeds Theatre & Arts Center — Free!

Leeds Arts Council Artist Spotlight: Richard Lee Raybon, Jr.
Father of two, grandfather of five, I am happily married and retired and living in Vestavia Hills.

I’ve enjoyed doodling since I was in my teens but never pursued art seriously until my retirement about two years ago. My wife, Sue Ann, now calls herself an “art widow.” But she enjoys the results, too, and now often gives me ideas to try. We actually started off enjoying poetry and writing, still a great love of mine. I’m actually working on my fourth book of poetry—only this time I’m illustrating it myself.

Two years of self-taught practice has enabled me to adventure into several mediums including watercolor, acrylic, pastels, pencil, and ink. I also dabble in photo enhancements of my own work.
I’ve always enjoyed nature, so I draw most of my inspiration from the outdoors. And many species of the animal kingdom have found their way under my brush. I have not settled on any one style. I do realistic, impression, and abstract paintings and drawings. Art of any kind is fun and stimulating for me.
Most of my successful portraits of people have been with a pencil, although I have completed a few in watercolor.

Overall, I believe there’s artist in all of us. Just pick up a pen or pencil and give it a try!