Rick Carter at the Leeds Arts Council – this Saturday April 23rd at 7pm!

Merle Dollar gives us a little preview of the Rick Carter Show coming up this weekend.


of Telluride & Rollin’ in the Hay

Rick will be doing a full solo show, featuring some of his original songs, as well as requests from the audience.

Rick will also be telling tales about his amazing lifelong career in music, as well as signing copies of his new book,

Fables & Stories, 
Tales of an Alabama Troubadour

Question:  What does Southern Rock and Bluegrass have in common?

Answer:  Rick Carter!    
After releasing the first, Self-titled, album in 1980 and  their single “Birmingham Tonight”Telluride  was named one of the

top 3 bands in the nation by Miller Brewing Company which earned them a 2 year corporate sponsorship.  That in turn

led to a recording contract with RCA Records and catapulted Telluride onto the Top 100 Billboard Singles chart with their

songs “Let me in Tonight” and “Breaking Away”.  (If you still have your Telluride albums, bring ’em and I bet he’ll sign them!).

After 27 years on the road, Telluride stopped touring.  Rick then co-founded Rollin’ In the Hay, a forerunner to the

“New Grass” revolution in America.  Their music was described as high-octane groove grass with a touch of down home, foot

stompin’ southern rock, or more simply, Renegade Bluegrass!  They toured the country, drawing enormous crowds.  Fans

were known as “Hayheads”.  So now you know his connection between rock & Bluegrass!

Rick has been honored by the Alabama Music Hall of Fame as “Music Achiever” three times…for his individual

accomplishments, and for his role in both Telluride and Rollin’ in The Hay.

(Bring your Rollin’ In The Hay albums, too!  Time for a personal autograph

Date: Saturday April 23rd,
Time: 7pm
Cost:  $21