Trussville Photography Club Reception – July 8, 1:30-3:30

The Trussville Photography Club began in the summer of 2016 when Mike Gardner, an avid photographer and current club president, wanted to have a local club of photographers who could meet together, learn from and encourage each other, and grow in their craft.  He gathered together a handful of like-minded photographers and they held their first meeting in July of that year.  Since then, the club has grown to 168 actual members, as well as many others who attend meetings periodically, and over 1600 Facebook members.

The club currently holds monthly meetings at the Trussville Civic Center, providing training on various photography topics, using both members and outside photographers.  They also hold regular training sessions called Tech Topics at the Trussville Public Library for more specialized, hands-on training for beginning, intermediate and even advanced photographers.  They plan monthly field trips to places like Noccalula Falls, Sloss Furnaces and Huntsville Botanical Gardens to practice their photography together while having fun socializing.

Membership is required for some meetings, field trips, and small instructional classes.  Membership dues are $25 single, $35 family, $15 student/youth.  Included in the membership is a personal SmugMug gallery on our website to display photographs for family, friends, clients, etc.  (A membership form can be obtained from our website at

Participants in this exhibit include:

Laura Brayman:  

A gardener, Laura enjoys taking photos of God’s beauty.

Rebecca Brayman:

Now retired, Rebecca sees the world in light, shapes, colors and patterns.  She tries to capture the ever amazing beauty that God has given us to share with others.

Maura Davies:

Maura grew up in Huntsville, AL, and started taking photos as a teen. She took a few photography classes in college (but slept through the technical parts). Her favorite photo subjects are nature, plants, old things, my dog, and my kids. She is particularly drawn to details and macro images.

Teri Dunlap:

Teri was blessed with her first digital camera 13 years ago, little knowing that her camera would become an irreplaceable extension of herself.  She is from the small town of Oden Ridge, Alabama. Never did she dream of seeing all the places photography has taken her.  Teri’s best influences are her friends. They are her partners in the photography world. They challenge her and lead her in different directions outside her box.  “Without them I wouldn’t be anywhere near the level of photographer or person that I am today.”

Pam Falbo:

Born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois, Pam relocated to Alabama in 2015.  Her favorite genres are street photography, fine art, macro, nature and food.  She works part time at the Odenville Public Library.

Mike Gardner:

Mike Gardner, founder and President of the Trussville Photography Club, has lived in Trussville for 29 years and has been interested in photography since 1972.

Jim Georgeson:

Jim started taking photographs at an early age and became more serious after finishing his schooling in the 70’s.  He had a 35mm camera and shot mostly slide film.  He had his own darkroom and learned to print slides using the direct reversal process taught to him by pro photographer Marvin Wax.  Jim and Marvin took many photographs from the air of salt evaporation ponds in California.  Jim has had several photographs published in R/C Modeler and Model Aviation magazines.  He also photographed a calendar of dolls for a Lenci doll collector. After retirement, Jim and his wife Mary joined both the Shades Valley Camera Club and the Trussville Photography Club and are learning digital camera techniques.  They enjoy traveling, camping, and photography together.

Mary Georgeson:

Mary’s father, a part-time professional photographer, gave Mary her first camera when she was about 9.  Growing up in Maryland, she took several art classes but had no formal photography training.  Mary bought her first 35mm camera in 1978 after meeting Jim, and they went on several photographic outings.  When she retired from nursing, she bought a Nikon 3200 and joined the Shades Valley Camera Club, then the Trussville Photography Club.  Photography has become her creative outlet and she is always learning and making new friends along the way.  Mary’s favorite subjects include nature scenes, birds, flowers, and her 2 cats.

Lara Gowder:

Lara is a wife, mom, and hobbyist photographer.  She loved taking pictures as a kid and has taken classes and studied photography for the past 9-10 years.  Lara is a member of Click Pro and has been published in Me Ra Koh’s “Your Child in Pictures” book (2013) and Click Magazine (July/August 2015 Issue).  She has had her work included in the following gallery exhibits: The Kiernan Gallery: Contemporary Portraits (March 2014), A. Smith Gallery: Animalia (Sept/Oct 2017), and The Black Box Gallery: Black & White 2018 (February 2018).

LaTrelle Grayson:

Photography has always been a hobby and after semi-retirement it has become a passion.  Having grown up in the age of film cameras, LaTrelle found a new interest in the digital format and all the options for editing.  She has taken classes from local photographers and through Samford University, but is for the most part self-taught.  She is really enjoying the learning experiences through Trussville Photography Club.

Deb Hendrick:

A long-time resident of Sylacauga, Deb’s love for photography started with the family Brownie Hawkeye camera, and has progressed to her current digital SLR Canon 60D.  American bald eagles are her favorite subject. Yellowstone National Park in 1995 was the beginning of her love for photographing eagles. It keeps her always searching for that one great shot.

Anna Houser:

Anna started studying photography in high school.  She has taken 2 years of beginning and intermediate photography.  Her photographs have been selected in juried art shows with the Shelby County Arts Council and the Homewood Library.

Tina Houser:

TPC Communications Director, Tina has been studying photography for 2 1/2 years.  Her favorite genre is landscapes, with a focus on boats, waterfalls, and abandoned structures.  She is currently focusing on expanding to portraits.

Art Hummel:

Art took up photography to replace his passion for SCUBA diving when he moved to Alabama from Florida in 2006.  He took classes and eventually earned a Certificate in Digital Photography from the Birmingham School of Photography.   Sports/action, portraits and maritime subjects are his favorite areas of interest.  He is a retired Professional Engineer, manager and self-identified “techie”.  His work can be seen at

Neal Kelsoe:

Neal has had the privilege for more than 11 years now of learning digital photography from some of the most talented people.  When collaborating he has always loved the project that starts with the words “THAT SOUNDS GREAT! … How do we do it?”

Mike McGary:

Mike has been involved with photography for almost 50 years, working as a studio owner and teacher, but always creating images that say something.  When he makes an image that brings a smile to a face, it makes him happy.  Mike’s goal is to show the world’s beauty to others as he sees it.

Pato Nerome:

A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pato is a chemical engineer by profession and a self-taught photographer who enjoys capturing the moment with her camera. Her passion for photography started with her vacations trips around the world, where she wanted to bring home her travel experience in pictures.  Most of her art works are landscapes inspire by nature which reveals her love for adventure.  More of her work can be found on her Instagram account ( or the Trussville Photography Club members Gallery.

Laura Parker:

Laura has an appreciation for nature and sharing it through the art of photography. She is from Bessemer, AL, and is recently retired.  She is now pursuing her dream of photography as more than a hobby.

Rob Stamm

Rob started his photography adventure in the mid 50’s or so with his Brownie box camera and helping his father develop film from his old Busch-Pressman large format. He progressed to a range finder 35mm camera and continued from there to newer 35mm cameras: Exacta, Nikon F3, and others.  He received a lot of help from his father.  He reluctantly entered the digital age with a Nikon D300 several years ago, though still enjoys using a Bronica medium format film camera.  Most of his images are nature-oriented and are minimally processed, if at all.

Kevin Wheeler:

Kevin sees photography as an expression of his artist’s heart and love of beauty.  His goal is to capture glimpses of God’s glory in nature and share it with others.  Originally from Connecticut, Kevin spent over 21 years in the Air Force and another 19 years in pastoral ministry before resettling in Alabama two years ago.  He currently works part-time at the Trussville Public Library.  Some of his work can be seen at

Barbie Williams:

Barbie loves to take pictures of unusual things and places, but her grandbabies are currently her favorite subject, along with the beach.  She thinks photos are a great way to show others what she loves and to have memories to share.

Roger Williams

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