Leeds Area Open Circle Poets meeting.

Monday September 28 at 7:00 pm LAC hosts the Leeds Area Open Circle Poets meeting. ¬†From Joan Dawson: ¬†“Have you been outside to revel in the signs of the change of seasons, the change from flowers to seed dispersal, the visitations from bees, wasps, butterflies? Can you write a poem about the change of the seasons or about the changes in your garden or yard? Or about the signs of preparing for new life next year? Or about your own preparations?
Listen to your muse and just write. You choose the topic if the ones above don’t work for you. Please bring copies of your poems if you can.
In addition to reading our poems and enjoying refreshments, we’ll make plans to host the Birmingham Arts Journal meeting on October 29.. Please think of how you can help with refreshments.”

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